Paniai Lake, Papua

Based on the location, Paniai Lake entered in the District of East Paniai, Paniai Regency, Papua Province. When you visit Papua Province, do not miss the chance to visit various tourist attractions located in Paniai District. One of them is the famous Paniai Lake has beautiful scenery, natural and well maintained. The beauty of Lake Paniai recognized by delegates from 157 countries when the continuation of Lake Se-World Conference which held in India on November 30, 2007.

In the beginning, along with Paniai Lake, Tigi Lake and Tage Lake called Wissel Meeren. Naming is addressed to the person who first discovered the beautiful third lake in 1938, is a pilot named Wissel Dutch nationality. At that time, Wissel flew across the mountains of Irian Island and saw the three lakes that have beautiful scenery. Since the enchanted by its beauty, Wissel decided to land and enjoy the exoticism of the three lakes are close. Fact, the Dutch colonial era, the name Wissel Meeren is more popular than Paniai. Wissel Meeren derived from the Dutch language has meaning Wissel lakes.

Special, exotic, and fascinating. Thus the impression about tourists when in Lake Paniai. The impression is not a figment. Therefore, this exotic lake panorama presents beautiful nature, blue lake water, and the atmosphere around the green to every tourist who was visiting there. Lake Area Paniai which reached 14 500 hectares provide enough space for tourists to choose a suitable location with the intention when recreation into the lake. Presence of rocks and sand on the shore of the lake, and surrounded by cliffs quite high, increasing attractiveness as a tourist attraction this Paniai District mainstay.

As most of the topography Paniai District located in the mountains and hills that air is cool, Paniai Lakes region was located at a height, which is about 1700 meters above sea level (asl). Nevertheless, Lake Paniai store various types of freshwater fish and shrimp. Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus), tilapia fish (Oreochromis mossambicus), carp / carp fish (Cyprinus carpio), black nine fish, eels and fish (synbranchus) are among fish species that can be found in this lake. While the rainbow fish (rainbow / Melanotaenia ayamaruensis) is Paniai Lake biota that often sought after by the fishermen and hobbies ornamental fish because of high economic value. If lucky, on Lake Paniai tourists can see the shrimp endemic to Papua, which has now started a rare, namely shrimp cheating (Cherax albertisii). So called because the shrimp has a claw / clamp big as crabs. Until today, every person who visited the Land of Papua, especially to the City of Wamena, the capital of Jayawijaya , always looking for shrimp as a menu for dining.

Besides enjoying the beautiful Lake Paniai from the edge of the lake, visitors can try another atmosphere, such as fishing or hire a boat to the people around for around a vast lake. When sailing the lake, besides enjoying the sparkling blue waters of the lake and the boat split rate, visitors can also use this moment to photograph the area of the lake from all sides. Besides, visitors also can see the plants listed in this lake, such as water hyacinth (eichhmia crassipes), algae (algae), and others.

Coming to sunset, Lake Paniai keeksotisan increasingly captivating the tourists. Fishing boats began to pull over and passing speedboat from behind the hills, and were served by small birds flying low and occasionally grab the water, complete satisfaction of tourists enjoy the charm of tourist destinations are included in this Eranatoli Nature Reserve area. It is much more special when the perceived moment of drinking tea or coffee in the shop by the lake or from a number of shelters that are available.

When you have time to spare, you are advised to visit the location of cages of different types of freshwater fish found on the shores of Lake Paniai. There you can buy fresh fish to eat on site or taken home to be cooked at home. An excursion to the beautiful lake is certainly not complete until they’ve been visiting the village of Mee and Moni tribes, two major tribes inhabiting around the lake plateau Paniai. Besides viewing the traditional houses and their daily called honai close, if lucky you will be served by arts attractions and get a souvenir of the two tribes such as presents for family or colleagues.

In the area of Lake Paniai available various facilities, like the gatehouse, tour guides, and tourist cottages. Rental boats, fishing equipment rentals, and small shops are also available here. Tourists who want to stay, can rent houses located around the lake this exotic or camping at various locations in the region. As for tourists who want to obtain a fairly complete accommodation, recommended to the City of Enarotali. In this Paniai district capital, tourists can find shops, markets, restaurants, houses of worship, telephone kiosks, and hotel and guesthouse with various types.

For tourists who want to visit Lake Paniai, can begin the journey from the City of Enarotali, the capital of Paniai District. From City Enarotali, available two-point towards Paniai Lakes region. First, use a landline with a rented Mitsubishi Strada bus type that can be relied upon to traverse the rugged terrain and the road winding. Second, take the air route with the AMA and AMAF plane Cessna type that can land on the plateau region with the characteristics of the soil foundation.

Experience beautiful Lake Paniai, Tage and Tigi with gracious surrounding that arduous nature of the treks in other highland areas of the West-Papua, Indonesia. Start from famous ” Lolake Forest” follows the local sweet potatoes gardens and we arrived in Enarotali. Good place for trekkers and here is not really hard place area to visit, but so amazing place ever in Cenderawasih Bay. The Local people said that there is no more tourist visit our beautiful tourist attractions where surrounded by the 3 (three ) beautiful lakes around. Here, the people are living in traditional way of life. We were lucky stay with the local people, share, play game, hunting, and fishing. Not only that but we were learning at traditional school in the very secret hut,  we had a pig feast (Earth cooking) with the local women. It’s good place  for snorkeling and diving around the lakes alone or with your family.

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